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Future Care

New Business logic required

This multinational manufacturing company had been living for a long time. It was successful, in a highly competitive business, where products and services organically evolved, through generations of management. The Innovation and creativity of the organization was mainly focusing on optimizing and improving. There were occasional developmental leaps, in harmony with technical advancements in the surrounding world. The heroes and power houses of the company, were all schooled inside this successful environment. But, something dramatically was happening in the market place, partly brought on by the products the company itself produced. The need of the customers had changed. The established toolbox for success did not work anymore... Something different was needed. The previously so successful culture was now becoming their own worst enemy...

Ramping up

Going for the next level

Running the company from its infancy stages, until it had been growing to a real business, was the pride of its founder. Having full control from A to Z was the key sucessparameter - until now... Now, the business was at the stage of scaling up: But the cause and effect that was bringing success before, now became a stopping block....

Turn around

Turning around a supertanker

A world leading business was derailing, all parameters to measure business success was dwindling. Yet, the management team was still not seeing the reality. The long-lasting culture was inward focusing, making the management team thinking that the company was still doing OK. That the challenges they had was just temporary glitches. No real actions to resolve the issues were taken. Facing a quickly shrinking market share, losses, quality problems, and poor productivity this manufacturing supertanker was heading with full speed straight into land. Drastic measures was needed ... fast....

The first steps

Getting things going

The startup had just started its first baby steps. The buddies had a idea of a business, they just needed some financial support. They were now pitching their business idea anyone that wanted to listen. They had met at business school, so they were well versed in the business lingo. They had made business plans and strategy documents, showing the potential of their products. They had even sold a couple of their solutions and made a modest profit. Still, there were quite weak interest. How can we get things going?

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